Where we are

The Alce Nero Berberè restaurantis located in the Organic and Natural Products Pavilion inside Biodiversity Park.

To reach us, follow the “Grand Tour” of biodiversity, an exciting journey through the Italian peninsula and its various landscapes: the Alps, the Apennines, the Po valley, the Tavolieri highlands, and the islands. You’ll find us at the end of the path.


EAST ENTRANCE: reachable by the #12 and 19 trams from Milan city center, by car (parking in via Giovani Battista Grassi – Milano), by taxi or by bus.
Tram #12 leaves from viale Molise and runs through the historic city center, stopping at Piazza Cinque Giornate at the Duomo, Brera in via Procaccini, crossing Piazza Firenze and ending in via Grassi at Sacco Hospital.
Tram #19 leaves from Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio and goes up toward via Vigevano, Conciliazione and Corso Sempione, covering the whole western area of the city and ending in front of Sacco Hospital, invia Giovanni Battista Grassi– Milano. From the end of the tram line or the parking lot in via G.B. Grassi, cross the pedestrian bridge to reach the East Roserio Entrance of Expo Milano 2015, where visitors can purchase tickets.
The East Entrance is the arrival point of the free shuttles from the Arese and Trenno parking lots. The Arese lot (via Bariana – Arese; the former Alfa Romeo factory) is open every day from 8am to 1am, and is accessible via online reservations or on-site ticket purchase. It is connected to EXPO by shuttle that leaves every 20 minutes; the shuttle ride takes approximately 30 minutes. The Trenno parking lot (via Novara – Milano) is open every day from 8am to 1am; it is accessible only by online reservation. It is connected to EXPO by shuttle that leaves every 20 minutes; the shuttle ride takes approximately 25 minutes.

WEST ENTRANCE: reachable by metro and/or train at the Rho Fiera stop. After the turnstiles inside the West entrance, visitors can access the internal “People Mover” shuttles. To reach Biodiversity Park, use stop #6, near the East Roserio entrance.

SOUTH MERLATA ENTRANCE: accessible by following the 350 meter pedestrian walkway from Cascina Merlata, reachable by car (parking lot in via Triboniano 229 Milano – access only by online reservation). From the South entrance, continue on foot along the Cardo until the Tree of Life.

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