At Expo, thanks to the collaboration between our own Matteo Aloe and Simone Salvini, we offer our artisanal sourdough pizza and seasonal vegetarian cuisine, in addition to events and opportunities to meet and exchange ideas.

The recipes, developed by chefs Simone Salvini and Matteo Aloe, are based strictly on what the earth offers, thus following the seasons and agricultural calendar. The pizzas are prepared with stone-ground, fiber-rich flours; organic ingredients that are researched and treated with care; and the slow maturation of living mother yeast, which makes them extraordinarily light. Our cuisine uses organic and seasonal grains, legumes, and vegetables in combinations that are tasty, nutritionally balanced, and exclusively vegetarian.

Our proposal will be based around 5 pizzas each month, one of which will be dedicated to the theme of the month;a picnic box;and a take-away menu comprised of four dishes prepared daily, made up of grains, raw and cooked seasonal vegetables, salads, hot dishes, fruit and desserts, accompanied by organic wine and craft beer and free coffee.

Alce Nero Berberè has many seats available, where visitors can enjoy a nutritious, tasty, and healthy break – or take-out – to fuel them on their exploration of Expo Milano 2015.

Artisanal pizza
  • matteo aloe
    Matteo Aloe

    Born in 1986 in Calabria, Matteo Aloe earned his degree in economics and marketing. His early passion for cuisine ...

  • simone-salvini
    Simone Salvini

    Simone Salvini’s first book, Cucina Vegana (Vegan Cuisine) published by Mondadori, was a great success; this was followed ...

  • massimo giuliana
    Massimo Giuliana

    Born in Sicily, Massimo Giuliana came from the kitchens in Greece and immediately became a keystone of Berberè’s cuisine ...