Simone Salvini

simone-salviniSimone Salvini’s first book, Cucina Vegana (Vegan Cuisine) published by Mondadori, was a great success; this was followed by I dolci della salute (The Sweetness of Health). He is the head chef di cuisine of Pietro Leemann’s Joia restaurant, and in 2009 became a teaching chef of the Italian Vegetarian Association, and of the European Oncological Institute of Umberto Veronesi, as well as a collaborator in the Foundation.

Since 2010 he has held courses in natural vegetarian cuisine for Alma, Gambero Rosso (Rome) and Esac professional training school in Vicenza. He also teaches ayurvedic cooking in Milan, Turin, and Rome (as well as at the Yoga Festival and Olis Festival).

In 2011 he became the executive chef of Organic Academy, where he holds cooking courses and training services for hotel and restaurant groups and professional chefs. He writes for various journalistic publications of vegetarian cuisine. He develops exclusive proposals, methodologies and solutions for vegetarian high cuisine, personalized for each context.