Matteo Aloe

matteo aloe

Born in 1986 in Calabria, Matteo Aloe earned his degree in economics and marketing. His early passion for cuisine landed him several restaurant jobs, but then took on its own life in 2010, when he launched the Berberè Light Pizza & Food project with his brother Salvatore, and opened a restaurant of the same name in Castel Maggiore (Bologna). Thanks to meticulous research and creativity in the preparation of his pizzas, Matteo Aloe was able to win favor among the public and critics, obtaining numerous acknowledgments and quickly becoming one of the leaders in the Bologna restaurant scene. In 2013, the brothers also launched Alce Nero-Berberè, a restaurant in the center of Bologna that joins the creativity and success of Berberè with the artisanal food production experience of Alce Nero. Together the restaurants have won numerous accolades and have participated in various important gastronomic events, including Identità Golose, Witaly, Chef al Massimo, and Golosaria. Meanwhile, Aloe was able to deepen his technical acumen through his experience staging with chef Renè Redzepi at Noma, proclaimed the world’s best restaurant. After the success of the two Emilian restaurants, Berberè Craft Pizza & Beer came to Florence in 2014. The common goal of all three restaurants is to offer high quality, seasonal pizza that is delicious and easy to digest, the result of ongoing research into flours, fermentation, toppings, cooking methods and nutritional properties. Matteo’s strives to bring to the table ingredients of the highest quality that are worked by (young) fellow artisans and available to a broad public: a new gastronomic culture based on seasonality, accessibility and craftsmanship. All under the mark of conscious, designed entrepreneurship, able to maintain a business that is healthy from all points of view, making food that brings happiness to all the players who revolve around it: from the end consumer to the producers of the primary materials; from the artisans in the kitchen to the wait staff.