Alce Nero – Berberè

Alce Nero Berberè is a restaurant format centered around pizza and grains, that joins the creativity and success of Berberè with Alce Nero’s 35 years of artisanal quality in good, healthy organic food.  Alce Nero Berberè represents  a new restaurant concept , tied to a philosophy in which food is pleasure, organic is a “radical” choice and craftsmanship is the thread that runs from farm to fork – offering foods that are delicious, healthy and nutritionally balanced. Beyond the kitchen, it is a responsibility to value the work of all who contribute to the meal – because we are what we eat.

We’re at Expo to remember that biodiversity is the real defender of life. A biodiversity that encompasses environment, knowledge, culture, and, obviously, cuisine. Biodiversity that stands against a narrowness of mind and product.